Solar Panels installed at Place UK

In July 2011 Place UK Ltd. started looking into the options for a suitable method of generating a renewable sustainable and efficient energy supply.  After looking into various options Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) system was chosen as the preferred option and the decision was made to progress the project with Evo Energy Ltd.

In December 2011 Place UK Ltd. invested in a 49.92 kWp PV system comprising of an active area of 343m² PV modules in their bid to become more environmentally friendly. It has 208 panels in total and when working to full capacity it is estimated that it will produce 40,156 kWh/year of electricity and make a CO2 saving of 21,242 kg/year. All of the generated energy is used as a part of the company’s electricity supply to site.

This project was overseen by Marc Chambers, Engineering Manager, who made sure that the installation of the PV Solar system was completed within a very limited time frame and to a high standard, all is left now is for some lovely British sun to shine to see the full benefits of the system!