Need help with Co-Packing?

Look no further! With years of experience and skills, our team are ready to innovate & work with you to find a solution that meets your co-packing needs.


We currently operate three factories,  capable of packing frozen, ambient and chilled products.


  • Bagging – broad capability to pack multiple ingredients, under high care conditions.
  • Sachets – We are also able to produce single-pack sizes ranging from 30g sachets up to 2.5kg bags and everything in between
  • Packaging – We can pack in fully resealable and recyclable formats, both in either doy or pillow pack formats, plus the new addition of microwavable packaging.
  • Punnets – We pack both mono and mixed products into heat-sealed punnets. Including flexible pack sizes that are made to suit your requirements. We can also utilise this for packing your products into trays for ready meals.
  • Dicing & Slicing – If you need your product dicing, sliced, blanching, freezing, size grading, mixing or processing under high care conditions before packing, we can help.
  • Frozen De-Canned – We re-pack into different formats for you, for example de-canning then freezing ingredients followed by packing into bulk or even into sachets.

Co-Packing Services


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