Food Processing Solutions

What makes our products unique is they are ready-to-eat and require no further processing from yourself, and unlike with block frozen methods they are able to retain their shape and colour. Providing you with the purest produce available. We can do this through individually quick freezing (IQF), quickly freezing pasta, rice and fruit to name a few, making sure they are free-flowing and perfect for adding to a process. They are the ideal choice for ease of use.


Under Phaseolus we process beans and grains as well as ready-to-eat pasta and rice. We do this on our BRCGS** accredited site in which we soak, cook and freeze the pulses to create the perfect free-flowing produce. In addition to this, there are also options for slicing, dicing, and processing products under high-care conditions.


It is our goal to find the ideal product for you. We offer a team of on-site NPD professionals that will guide you through every step of the process, starting with the development of a bespoke product recipe tailored to your needs, and supplying you with a wide range of packaging options, such as resealable bags and sachets, all available in bulk from our retail facility. The co-packing of frozen ingredients is also available upon request. In the NPD team, we aim to offer a modern, cutting-edge approach to ensure the right end result is achieved.


We can also provide the option of bespoke extra flavour pellets made to your exact specifications. All are made at our main site-

British Soft Fruits

We are the leading UK grower and processor of high-quality soft fruits. As part of the biggest soft fruit marketing group; Driscoll’s Berry Gardens, we work with major British supermarkets including Sainsbury’s, Tesco, M&S, Waitrose and the Co-Op, providing fresh and frozen produce.


Our company is involved in one of the world’s most prominent plant breeding programs and supply activities. Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, and rhubarb are some of the fresh produce we provide.


With flavours that are instantly recognised by consumers and buyers’ taste palates. Our specialist plant breeders have created some of the most delicious, mouth-watering soft fruits on the market. A truly memorable British soft-fruit experience awaits restaurant foodies and discerning buyers.