We are the UK's largest IQF fruit producer and, unquestionably, the most diverse of Britain's premier soft fruit suppliers. In a few words, this is our business:

- We are British soft fruit growers and suppliers working with manufacturers, retail and catering businesses
- We are IQF fruit suppliers: whole fruit, sliced, diced or blended
- We are food processors of fruit, vegetables, beans, pulses, pasta, rice and more

Since the company's inception in 1954, Place UK have grown and diversified our own operations to meet the demands of an expanding customer base, including most of Great Britain's leading supermarkets and food suppliers. 90% of our supply lines support the British marketplace and 10% is for export.

We won't be compromised on quality; crop breeding and development; succulence and flavours, or meeting the markets' and our own exacting standards. Traceability and provenance are key to our company's continued success. Place UK have, in the space of the last 60 years, built an enviable reputation for quality and reliability, for innovation and consideration and for creating delicious flavours in our rapidly expanding fruit supply chains.

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Place UK are recognised as a leading grower of high quality british soft fruits for all the UK's major food manufacturers