IQF Pulses & Grains


Phaseolus specialises in individually quick frozen beans and pulses. We do this in our processing factory which holds a Grade AA+ accreditation, as well as meeting the Soil Association criteria.


Each and every one of our products have a clean label declaration that states they contain no additives, processing aids, or salt. Therefore, they are an ideal product for anyone in the food manufacturing and catering industry.


IQF Beans & Pulses

Beans & pulses are nutritious, delicious and versatile; low in fat and sodium, high in fibre, they have no cholesterol and grow in many varieties, colours and sizes. Added to a host of dishes, they create a medley of colour and flavour retention as well as being used as a thickener to add body and texture.


As ready-to-eat beans & grains, they can be used in both hot and cold recipes including ready meals, salads, soups, sauces, dips, sandwich fillings and formed products. Beans and Pulses make an exquisite addition to many dishes.


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IQF Pulses
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