The Camp

Many seasonal workers join us here at Place UK. They are all taught valuable skills and practices, from food processing disciplines to modern growing and management processes. We feel it is imperative to share our learning with you.


We are extremely proud to be the recipient of Tesco’s ‘Best Employee Facilities’ certificate. An award which recognises the attention and thought that we give to all our overseas workers when it comes to their accommodation, health, welfare and social communication facilities. This includes things such as our internet cafe and staff dormitories.

Health & Welfare


Our exceptional workforce is what makes Place UK the successful, cosmopolitan team that it is now. Our team is full of individuals internationally recognised for their quality, reliability and flexibility. We welcome anyone who would like to join our international farm camp!


Each of our fruits is guaranteed to be of the highest quality possible. We are able to achieve this by operating highly mechanised fruit farms and we are among the biggest in England. Fruit harvesting takes place at our Church Farm in Tunstead, and we encourage people from far and wide to help.


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