All of our growing, processing and packing activities are independently audited and accredited by numerous bodies most notable including:


  • BRCGS 
  • Leaf Marque
  • Global GAP
  • Red Tractor Assured produce
  • M&S Select produce
  • Soil Association – Organic

In addition to these independently operated schemes, we are regularly audited by most of the major multiples and supply chain partners.


Place UK uses Integrated Crop Management Systems within GAP (Good Agricultural Procedures).



  • Prepare the fertility and structure of the soil with cover crops.
  • Use beetle banks to maintain and encourage beneficial insects.
  • Use predators and pheromone traps to control unwanted pests, thereby minimising the use of chemicals and benefiting our environment.


We have won many awards, including:


  • Environment Agency Awards – for the efficient and sensitive ways in which we use valuable natural resources such as water.
  • Value Awards (Tesco) – as ‘Best Employee Facilities’ for our workforce.
  • Water monitoring in fields.
  • Water recycling.

Over the years we have also helped many of our valued customers to achieve their own industry awards, such as the prestigious “Q” awards, by supplying innovative and quality ingredients.


For our imported ingredients, we employ a system that uses direct technical auditing for every one of our suppliers’ growing and processing operations, as well as utilising leading 3rd-party bodies such as SAI Global/EFSIS.


As growers and processors in our own right, we trail audit these ingredients back to field, so that our customers are given full product traceability wherever possible.