Premium British Strawberries individually quick frozen

Driscoll Jubilee

Driscoll Jubilee are a heart-shaped variety with a naturally sweet taste, rich flesh and distinctive aroma.  The supermarkets’ premium berry. Claimed to be the sweetest strawberry ever grown in the UK

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Still firmly established at the UK’s most important commercial variety for 30 years, enabling growers to supply fruit from April until November, Elsanta is a very robust strawberry with good flavour, juicy and a strong aroma.

The fruit itself is large, uniform and shiny red. These qualities mean that customers can buy fruit that tastes good and doesn’t have to be eaten immediately.  Elsanta is protected by plant breeder’s rights and is available under licence. The variety was selected in 1975 and is from a cross between ‘Gorella’ and ‘Holiday’.

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Cambridge Favourite

A favourite with many growers but now superseded by newer strawberry varieties. Attractive colour, slightly paler than most modern varieties with traditional strawberry flavour. Supplied fresh, IQF and puree.

Although a little pale its popularity is due to its superbly sweet flavour and strawberry aroma. Often regarded as the finest variety for making strawberry jam.

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Varieties and availability are subject to change due to seasonal variations, continuous development and evolving specifications. Please enquire for further information.