New Product Development

For us, innovation is of the utmost importance. In collaboration with our customers, we are committed to advancing innovation and finding the right solution for their needs. Making something that works effectively with their products and provides an original, differentiated experience. 


If you are looking for an exciting new product for foodies or a traditional recipe with a twist, we are committed to finding just what you’re looking for. Our on-site NPD team will work with you to create a bespoke product and recipe that meets all of your end requirements. Offering something that is truly unique.


We will then supply you with a wide range of packaging options, such as resealable bags and sachets, all of which are available in bulk from our retail facility. 


The co-packing of frozen ingredients is also available if requested. The NPD team aims to offer you the perfect partner, using a modern, cutting-edge approach that ensures the right end result is achieved.

IQF Fruit


We have been working hard to extend our on-site packaging facilities, so that we are able to help you with all your co-packing requirements, using any format of your choice. Working with you to achieve the best result. 

One recent example was a customer requesting the co-packing of frozen chips into doy bags, we packed them in the requested size and format to meet their requirements.

We succeed on our ability to be flexible, no matter the customer’s requirements, and work with you to find a bespoke solution that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether your product is frozen, fresh or dried, we can help co-pack it. We would love to hear from you, so please get in touch!

Reduction of Food Waste

Saving food waste in an effort to care for the planet is a key value at Place UK. We have been making efforts to minimise our waste and support those in need. Working alongside food charities which reduces food waste from residual stock as well as reducing and utilising by-products inside of our factories. Additionally, it allows charities to donate more food to struggling families in times of need.


As part of our food waste reduction plan, we have been using surplus ingredients to create a new range. Some of these include pulses and fruit purees. Both of which can be produced and tailored to your needs. We have a delicious new range of strawberry and gin purees that is a must-try!