Our dicing and slicing facilities offer a range of sizes, so we can tailor to the required product.


Our Blancher is ready to cook a wide range of products, including pulses, rice and pasta, plus much more.

Packaging Format

There is a range of formats of packaging products, with sustainable option available, from a 30g sachet to a 1-tonne palletainer, depending on your requirements.

High Care

We are able to process products under high care conditions, so no further processing is required.

Size Grading

We have the facilities to grade products, with less than and greater than a specific size.

Product Testing - Allergy

Our technical team ensure products are sent for micro testing as well as testing for allergens following customer requests. This includes Gluten and Soya to name a few

Freezing at Point of Harvest

We understand the requirements around freezing at the point of harvest, with our Rhubarb which we grow and freeze. Can we help you with yours.


We can offer to mix products on site even if it is your own product.


We are accredited by the Soil Association for processing organic products on site.


We have the facilities for de-canning products and then freezing, including beans and pineapple to name a few.


Do you have a product which needs co-packing from sachets to palletainers, happy to help

Contract Processing

We can freeze, package and add value to your recipes. Ideal if your capacity is running short.