Place UK are able to...

… pre-mix and pack IQF fruit and other ingredients into required sachet sizes, resulting in a product that customers and consumers simply blend with fruit juice, coconut water or yoghurt to create a smoothie.

Products can be packed under high care conditions, resulting in ‘ready to eat’ products.

We work with manufacturers and retail chains to create mixes to suit their audience. We can provide IQF fruit smoothie mixes – i.e. whole fruit in bags of specific mixes ready to be used as ingredients in smoothies; or we can provide IQF smoothies: mixes that contain pureed fruit and other ingredients such as yoghurt pellets or oats to create specific blends. Both of these formats are mixed with your choice of juice or liquid to produce the final smoothie.

Smoothie mixes can be provided in individual sachets, doy packs, retail packs containing multiple sachets or larger sachets for catering outlets.

Our smoothie mixes are as varied as our products and, at Place UK we like to be flexible and to try and accommodate products the way you want them and the way your customers like them. Talk to us about your requirements.

Varieties and availability are subject to change due to seasonal variations, continuous development and evolving specifications. Please enquire for further information.