We are cooking and freezing all varieties of GM FREE pulses from organic adzuki, to chick peas and red kidney beans. Applications include ready meals, soups, salads and vegetarian dishes: their IQF qualities ensure excellent flavour and texture, whilst giving the food processing manufacturer available ease of use and maximum efficiencies.

Beans and pulses are nutritious, delicious and versatile. Low in fat and sodium they have no cholesterol and grow in many colours and sizes. Add to a host of dishes, creating a medley of colour and flavour retention. They can also be used as a thickener to add body and texture. IQF beans are soaked, cooked, cooled & frozen – ready to use. Products can be cooked and packed under high care conditions, resulting in “ready to eat” products.

Since our acquisition of Phaseolus, we now offer a whole range of beans, peas, lentils and grains – contact us for more information.

Varieties and availability are subject to change due to seasonal variations, continuous development and evolving specifications. Please enquire for further information.