Premium British plums individually quick frozen

A traditional British soft fruit, the plum is versatile and popular and has a wide variety of uses such as pies, crumbles and preserves.

Plums are hand-cut and stoned, and can be diced.


The original seedling of Victoria plum was found in a garden at Alderton, Sussex. It was bought by Denyer a nurseryman at Brixton in London who introduced the variety c 1840. Awarded a First Class Certificate by the RHS in 1973, it is the most widely grown commercial variety in the UK.

Medium large, oval fruit. Pinkish red skin when ripe with a pale blue bloom. Yellow, grainy, firm juicy flesh. Quite sweet but with some acidity. A very popular dessert variety . Even better as a culinary plum producing a lovely pink syrup and an almond aroma when cooked. Moderately vigorous tree producing long spreading branches; self-fertile; heavy cropper.

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