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Discovered in Southwell, Nottinghamshire in the garden of local butcher Matthew Bramley in 1856. Accounts for 95% of all UK cooking apple sales.

A very tart, firm apple which is high in malic acid with strong flavour; turns light when cooked and has good texture.The most famous cooking apple – it’s easy to see why with heavy crops of flavoursome fruit.

Propagated from the original Bramley apple tree, the Bramley is a vigorous grower and a partial tip bearer. Produces very large fruit, flat and round in shape with creamy acid flesh, green skin with a rosy flush on the sunny side.

Picking time: ripens early October.
Season of use – November through to March.

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Granny Smith

A chance seedling from the backyard of Marie Ann Smith, Australia.

A very late maturing, late keeping large green, slippery skinned, dual purpose cooking/eating apple. The flesh is hard, crisp, and juicy; the flavor is  tart, becoming very sweet if tree ripened.

The fruit will store for several months after maturity without needing refrigeration. The tree is very vigorous and crops heavily, but it is not much good for areas with short growing seasons. G.S. is an excellent pollen source for other varieties. Tip bearer.

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Originated in New Zealand and introduced in 1952. Probable parents of Hamilton and Granny Smith. A large sized apple with a juicy, white flesh.

Late season. Usually eaten as a light olivey green apple overlaid with striped muted red, this apple is crisp, sweet, and has very good flavor. It is excellent stewed (applesauce), needing little or no sugar.

Fully tree ripened very late in the season, it is a deep yellow apple faintly washed and lightly striped with pinky red. It is a spur type tree, and comes into bearing relatively quickly after planting.

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Varieties and availability are subject to change due to seasonal variations, continuous development and evolving specifications. Please enquire for further information.